Murder Mystery with The Devonport!

Murder Mystery with The Devonport

Our first night in the gorgeous Devonport, Middleton One Row was on Saturday 15 October. All of our guests were Dying for an Oscar and took part in what was a wonderful evening.

Ray and Michael scooped the first prize and took with them their bottle of bubbly and certificate. We thought that they were the only winners of our first night at The Devonport, but that changed after the show…

…when little Ellie Gallazzi-Ritchie admitted to one of our actors that she actually had the right answer and had had it for quite some time. However, Ellie had not written it down! Oh no.



So we did what any kind group of actors would do and asked these lovely people, Alison Haddick and friends, if we could give their chocolates (won for best dressed table) to our lovely Ellie.

They said yes and Ellie got her chocolates. Well done Ellie and thanks ever so much guys, so kind.

Back to the murder plot, and it seems that poor Jenny Presley said one or two bitchy things too many and someone decided that enough was enough and clobbered her over the head with her own Oscar, oh the irony!





Not even Jacqui could save her and boy did she try her best to help poor stricken Jenny. Thankfully Michael Turner stopped her from giving Jenny CPR or even mouth to mouth.





At the end of the night, these lovely guys continued chatting and drinking long after the show had concluded, such was the good atmosphere that had been created in The Devonport on Saturday.

A big thank you to all the staff who were brilliant to us and to Alex who made us all feel so welcome that night.

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