Event Themes

Death On The Ninth

Murder Mystery Event – Death on the Ninth

East Fulton Golf Club, owned by the Fensom family, is holding a party to celebrate its 20th year and you are invited. But who else is invited to this celebration? Someone with a criminal past? Surely none of the golf fraternity would be having an affair, would they?

Stayin' Alive Event

Murder Mystery Event – Stayin’ Alive

Celebrity nightclub ‘Good Times’, owned by Carl Lawrence, was robbed by unknown armed assailants and burnt down over 18 months ago. Tonight is the celebration of ‘Fever’, Carl Lawrence’s new celebrity attraction, which will open in two weeks’ time. Will you end up at the centre of an intriguing evening? And can you work out what has happened?

Murder Mystery Event – Borley Rectory Revisited

Monty Fitzgerald invites you to join him and the rest of his ghost hunting group in their celebrations on what is the eve of Borley Rectory Appreciation Society’s first vigil to Borley, Essex. Surely this group of paranormal investigators and enthusiasts won’t have any skeletons in their closets, will they?

Murder Mystery Event – Dying for an Oscar

Where there is an Oscars Ceremony, there will be politics. Has someone won an undeserved award, or does someone have unrealistic feelings about their talent? Mario Torleaney’s party will be a great night of glitz and glamour. However, will an Inspector be called to investigate a Murder?

Murder Mystery Event – The Phantom

Musical Experience has just finished it’s first leg of the national tour, of Phantom of the Opera. After tree weeks in London, the tour has received great acclaim. Rodney and Helena (leading performers) get on well together Don’t they?

Murder Mystery Event – Til Chef do us Part

The Hamilton-Kleins, internationally renowned for their high quality food and successful restaurants are coming from USA to a town near you! Tonight is the Grand Opening of their premier UK restaurant and you have been invited to join them. The family run business has brought them a lot of success and financial reward, however, these family members and fellow employees have had their run-ins as they all have their strong opinions.

Murder Mystery Event – Deadly Angels

Angel Latimer is opening a new Burlesque club that is going to be the talk of the town: Deadly Angels. Her ex-husband, Jack is in debt but surely he wouldn’t be responsible for the former club, Deadly, going under would he?

Murder Mystery Event – The Panto Touring Company

The Panto Touring Company is getting ready for its first Christmas tour around the schools and old people’s homes of the UK. They have invited you, to join them to wish the tour well. The actors are doing their first shows next Monday and are very keen to show you a bite size version of it! After that, the actors and the rest of the Touring Company will sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening with you

Murder Mystery Event – Screamsville

Screamsville is a scare attraction that aims to entertain their guests and give them a fright at the same time. It is the brain child of Dr Blood who has worked in scary entertainment for many years.

Murder Mystery Event – St Patrick’s Secret

Sweets (and Savouries) is a local bakery in Dublin that is holding a celebration tonight for one of its employees, Veronica who has been working with the Bakery for 26 years. A family run bakery that has been handed down through generations is now being run by Patrick Mahoney, with the help of his mother Bernadette after the death of his father Dougal.

Murder Mystery Event – Blood Bath-olomews

The Batholomew family runs a very successful boutique hotel, Batholomew Lodge and has done so for many years. Since it was opened by parents, Madeline and Frederick, it has become synonymous with artists and wealthy business travellers a-like.

Murder Mystery Event – Im-Mob-ilise

Head to Morettis Casino for a night of music, gambling, maybe some funny money or even a gun. Meet brothers Al, Louis & Tony, singer Geena and Al’s latest girlfriend, Sylvi. But when Louis fails to show for Sylvi’s birthday party…….Gunned down in his own home, is it a poor loser, an enemy or somebody closer to home?

Murder Mystery Event – The April Fool

The year is 1583 and Queen Elizabeth is well known for her liking of a good Royal Court Jester to keep her amused. Her favourite Jester is Reginald April, who has been in her service for 15 years, although he has found it hard of late to keep Her Royal Highness as happy as he used to…