Stayin Alive @ Lairgate, Beverley

Stayin Alive @ Lairgate, Beverley

Our winning table from Saturday’s 70’s themed Murder Mystery, Stayin Alive! Paula from Hull, scouped the first prize after correcly guessing who-dun-it.

We all had a great night at the wonderful Lairgate, great food and brilliant staff, as always. It was a brilliant time for us guys and we had the feeling that the our guests had even more fun, but we suspect that wine was involved!

These lucky people were sitting on Josh’s table and boy did we all have fun at Josh’s shirt! Although, he does think that it looks amaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!










Poor old Rex, killed in action! But as the audience thought, it couldn’t happen to a nicer fella. 20161001_214746-2

Sandra French certainly got these guests up and dancing, as if their lives depended on it. They really look like they would love to work at the new night club Fever! 



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