• ExperienceMBIExperience Murder By Invitation
    Murder by Invitation is the place to go in 2015 for Murder Mystery entertainment. We specialise in providing high class, interactive Murder Mystery productions for both one evening and for weekends (Friday evening to Sunday morning) and our rates are very competitive.

  • deadlyPro

    Deadly Professional
    Murder by Invitation uses some of the very best professional performers in the UK to bring your evening to life. Our actors have accumulated over 100 years of performing experience between them and are brought together to provide you with the most enjoyable evening.

  • Who Wants a Murder Mystery

    Who wants a Murder Mystery?
    Anyone! Whether you’re planning a birthday celebration, a hen night, an anniversary or just want a different slice of entertainment from the run-drum, Murder by Invitation will provide you with a wonderful night or weekend that will leave you delighted and highly satisfied.

  • Style of Production

    Style of Production
    Our productions are highly professional as our actors stay in character all through the production, no matter how hard our guests try! We believe that this should be the only way to perform murder mysteries.


  • teamGame

    It’s a Team Game
    We at Murder by Invitation know how much a Team Building session can reinvigorate or help build your team, whatever business you are in: from law to teaching to mechanics to working in retail. In the business world, everyone works in team and our events are designed to get people to work together.

  • Corporate Skills

    Corporate Skills Developed
    Our murder mystery productions encourage participants to build relationships with each other as they solve the problems presented by both the characters and the evidence. Guests will also need to think on their feet as our characters can make you think again.

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