Daisy Chain join us for a Murder!

Daisy Chain join us for a Murder! 

We are pleased to announce that we have agreed to co host a night of murder with the wonderful charity, Daisy Chain, who specialise assisting people with Autism. To read about how charity came into existence, please feel free to read their story: https://www.daisychainproject.co.uk/our-story

On Friday 29 September 2017, Daisy Chain are holding a fund raising event at Rockliffe Hall with Murder by Invitation, where the theme is not only helping people, but also finding new ways to kill them off! mwah ha ha ha ha

Theme – The Phantom

The touring company, Musical Experience, has finished performing in London and now is due to begin its tour of the rest of the UK.

Tonight (Friday 29 September) is the pre-Newcastle run celebration on a job well done in London. However, is it normal for the lead male, Rodney Hulse to fall out with his fellow cast members? What has happened to bring this destructive element to their successful production? Surely the female lead has not played games with his emotions? They are professionals after all and the Director will expect a happy evening with their guests and to leave any squabbling back in London. That is what they get paid for!

Evening set:

Present Day

Fancy Dress

For fancy dress, this evening is held in the honour of The Phantom of the Opera. So feel free to wear any costume from the show, there are so many to choose from, what will you come as?

Please be aware that should you not want to dress up, there is no pressure to do so.

Book your places

If you want to help this brilliant charity, whilst having a night of intrigue, suspense and Murder, please visit their page and book your places: https://www.daisychainproject.co.uk/Event/murder-mystery






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