Another new murdering venue – The Golden Lion, Northallerton

Another new murdering venue – The Golden Lion, Northallerton

Our first night at The Golden Lion, Northallerton last Friday was a fantastic success. The good people of Northallerton and even further afield, came in their numbers to witness our Debbie’s spell binding script: Im-Mob-ilise! With emphasis on the Mob, in case you were wondering.

Here we have lovely Veronica, who won first prize standing here with Al Morretti and Fletcher Mason, Steve and Matt to you and me.


A heated argument between singer Geena and Silvi broke out much to the amazement of the audience. Surely no one would be killed based on a few angry words…that’s never happened in a murder mystery before.




Detective Inspector reads out their findings at the end of the night…who will they arrest for the brutal murder of Geena?



Lucy Salmon’s table were such fun on what turned out to be her hen party. Congratulations Lucy, we hope that you didn’t pick up too many Murder tips from us. Remember it is just a show!

Finally, we would like to thank Paul Metcalfe for making this night possible and to all the staff who helped us throughout the day, including Ashley, thank you. You made our first night at The Golden Lion

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