Deadly Angels

tumblr_mh8p1kBohc1rg2wx4o1_500DATE: Friday 23 March 2018

TIME: Start at 19.20; Meal at 20.00

VENUE: Garrison Barracks, Hillsborough Barracks, 635 Penistone Rd, Sheffieldm S6 2GB


Angel Latimer is opening a new Burlesque club that is going to be the talk of the town: Deadly Angels. Her ex-husband, Jack is in debt but surely he wouldn’t be responsible for the former club Angels, going under would he? Does Angel know what Marco, one of the dancers, did to pay his way through university? Will Monique try and make the evening entirely about her? And what of Wesley the Accountant, is he a straight laced as he appears? Then we are left with little Lizzie, just a member of the bar staff or is there a burning desire for someone or something?

A night filled with laughter, intrigue and fun.

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RESPECT: Please be aware that everybody needs to hear what is going on during the evening. Please respect the other guests and refrain from rude or abusive behaviour.


  • Tickets: 0800 500 3148 or
  • Cover Charge: £29.00 pp